Improv workshops at Singapore Improv Festival

At the Singapore Improv Festival, pick up new skills whether you're new to improv, experience in improv or a performer/actor.

If you've not had any improv experience, check out these workshops:

Improv for Everyone
Saturday & Sunday 1-3pm
Centre 42, Rehearsal Studio

If you've always wanted to try out improv but never had the chance, this workshop is for you. It offers a taste of what improv has to offer, covering the the fundamental principles of improv in a jam-packed 2 hour session. Everyone can take part. No prior improv experience required!

Applied Improv: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Art of Presentation

Sunday 11am - 1pm
Centre 42, Rehearsal Studio

If you work in an office, chances are presentations are a big part of your life. In some situations, the way in which you make presentations might even affect your standing in the company, and in turn your career. Through this workshop, find out how you're able to apply basic improv techniques to your presentations to make them all the more effective in getting your ideas across to your intended audience. No improv experience required.

If you're an improviser, performer or actor, here are the workshops for you to level up your skills

Dramatic Improv [For improvisers/actors/performers]

Saturday 11am- 1pm
Centre 42, Rehearsal Studio

Traditionally, improv has been associated with comedy. But it can easily be a dramatic art form given a different framework. Go on a journey with Hazel Ho, director of The Improv Company’s resident dramatic improv group, The Plot Thickeners, as she and her team impart their knowledge on how to create rich stories and nuanced characters.

Find the Game [For improvisers/actors/performers]

Sunday 11am - 1pm
Centre 42, Meeting Room

While short-form improv has a tendency to lean towards comedy, it might be harder to find the connection in long-form improvisation. Through understanding Upright Citizens Brigade's concept of the Game of the scene, work together with director and experienced improviser Jon Cancio to discover "the funny" of scenes, and learn how to heighten and expand on "the funny".

Keith Johnstone Workshop by Arnaud Pierre

Sunday 1 - 3pm
Centre 42, Meeting Room

In improv, performers risk. They experiment. Take chances. There is something exhilarating about being liberated from the structure of a script. In this workshop, students will play freely as they learn about the different styles of short-form improv through games and team exercises, particularly that of Keith Johnstone which includes TheatreSports, Gorilla Theatre and The Micetro. Forming teams, students will pit their creativity and spontaneity against one another, learn to direct improvised scenes, and perform their scenes in front of an audience. At the end of the workshop, students will be well-versed in improvisation and master the skills needed to tell a good, impromptu story.

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Jun 3 - Jun 5, 2016
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Centre 42
Improv for Everyone (4 June) SOLD OUT $15.00
Improv for Everyone (5 June) SOLD OUT $15.00
Dramatic Improv (4 June 11am-1pm) SOLD OUT $25.00
Applied Improv (5 June 11am-1pm) SOLD OUT $25.00
Find the Game (5 June 11am-1pm) SOLD OUT $25.00
Keith Johnstone Workshop (5 June 1-3pm) SOLD OUT $25.00
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